About Foothill Unity Center

Foothill Unity Center is a place of real hope and possibilities for people in crisis throughout the San Gabriel Valley-offering food, temporary shelter, case management, transportation, referrals and a variety of health services for low-income and homeless people in eleven communities in Los Angeles County.

Foothill Unity Center was founded in 1980 by Josephine Anderson in a borrowed church closet in Monrovia, California, and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1991. Since the beginning, it has been a continuous source of services for  qualified low-income families and people in crisis.  Our record of service has helped us to earn Federal designation as a Community Action Agency for the Foothill Area, and we are also known as a lean operation-with an average of 94% or more of every dollar donated going to programs for the past ten years.

The Center has received major support and recognition from community leaders and organizations, including several distinguished awards for its work in the community. The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank (LARF) considers the Center to be the top food pantry in the County, recognizing it with both the LARF Community Spirit Award and the coveted Tony Collier Award for “leadership in the war against hunger.”  The Center has also received the Spirit of Humanitarianism Award from the Volunteer Center of San Gabriel Valley, the Community Achievement – Torch Award from the 48th District Schools Involvement Program, and the Hunger Fighter Award from the California Hunger Action Coalition for its dedication and commitment to ending hunger in California.

Overview of 2013 Services

Download Independent Auditor’s Report Letter

If you’d like to see the full Audit Report for 2012, contact Foothill Unity Center’s Administrative Office at 626-358-3486.