How We Helped in 2012

Overview of Services

In 2012, we served 4,699 unduplicated local, low-income families, (12,032 persons) from Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte, Sierra Madre, Bradbury, Pasadena, Altadena, South Pasadena, Irwindale, Baldwin Park and Azusa with love and dignity, at no cost to them. We rely heavily on community support, and use our donations wisely. For the past ten years, an average of 93% or more of every dollar we’ve received has gone to programs .

Basic Needs Services  

  • Client Services a total of 72, 695 services to meet basic needs, including 33,405 food services
  • Homebound monthly food deliveries to 69 seniors and disabled families
  • Thanksgiving food boxes  for 1,336 families
  • Holiday food boxes  for 1,593 families, along with new toys and clothing for 2,373 children
  • Bagged lunches and meals for 3,728 homeless men, women, and children
  • Immediate needs transportation services via 5,210 Tokens/Taxi Vouchers/Foothill Transit
  • Motel vouchers for 201 nights of emergency shelter for homeless families
  • Back-to-School distribution for 1,452 children with school supplies, clothing, haircuts and more
  • CalFresh enrollment for 87 families
  • Clothing and/or household items to 4,026 individuals
  • Information and referrals for 1,656 to other needed services in their area
  • Transitional support services for victims of domestic violence and families with at-risk youth
  • Housing assistance linked families to permanent housing through move-in assistance and eviction prevention
  • Tax preparation services helped 52 individuals access Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) refunds of $50,591

Health Services

  • Dental screenings (510) and Vision Screenings (274) for children at Back to School event
  • Mobile Dental Clinic with comprehensive dental treatment for 107 children; 3011 procedures provided
  • Children’s Health Connections (CHC) program with 21 professional healthcare volunteers
  • Free health care to 27 uninsured and underinsured children
  • Eye exams and glasses for 13 adults and 12 children
  • Medical exams for homeless and uninsured clients through our Medical Outreach Program; 185 client visits
  • Health coverage enrollment of 13 children/10 families for Healthy Families/Medi-Cal
  • Flu vaccines for 133 clients; flu vaccine vouchers for 16 clients
  • Diabetes and blood pressure screenings for 97 individuals
  • Smoking cessation referrals for 437 client families
  • Healthy Way LA (HWLA) enrollment allowed 16 adults to secure a medical home

Other Services

  • Pet Food Bank – volunteer maintained and run to help clients keep their pets: 677 dogs, 318 cats, 4 birds
  • Family Food & Fitness Program–client walking groups, nutrition education, local fruit harvesting
  • Senior Support System (SSS) re-engaged 91 seniors by initiating contact and assessing quality of life needs
  • Food donation vendors (markets, restaurants) increased to include 92 weekly food pickups

Staff/Volunteer/Intern Work Experience

  • Center staff totals just 23 full and part-time employees and 1 AmeriCorps staff
  • Dedicated volunteers from local schools, faith communities, businesses, service groups, city groups, scouts, and individuals range in ages from 3 to 94; 2,333 dedicated individuals contributed 36,206 hours of time, energy and love to our organization. Over 3,598 hours were from clients giving back.
  • Total volunteer hours: 51,621.   We couldn’t do it without all of them!
  • Training/Mentoring increased, with training for 4 nursing students, 5 social workers and 2 human behavior interns plus 24 youth, adult and senior workers. Total 15,415 hours of training