From Dream to Reality: Phase Two of the Capital Campaign

In a given year, Foothill Unity Center provided:

  • Our Work

    The impact of the extraordinary gifts of time and donations, both in-kind and monetary, to Foothill Unity Center have been transformative and far-reaching. In a given year, community support helps celebrate the following achievements: 

    • Provides nearly 4 million pounds of food to low-income and homeless individuals

    • Generates over 50,000 unique client services that provided food, health, and social services

    Registers over 1,000 children for back-to-school with access to uniforms/clothing, backpacks, haircuts, health screenings, and higher education information

    • Distributes new toys, clothing, books and more for more than 1,400 children during the holidays

    • Provides over 5,000 bus tokens/taxi vouchers/transit vouchers

    • Provides nearly 100 emergency shelter motel vouchers

    Conducts over 130 dental & 100 vision screenings

    • Completes over 1,600 dental procedures

    • Facilitates over 140 doctor visits

Despite all of these accomplishments, we realize that the need has never been greater. Within our current service areas, nearly 88,000 individuals live below the poverty line. We have to be prepared to assist them.

Foothill Unity Center is a place of real hope and possibilities for people in crisis throughout the San Gabriel Valley, meeting the emergency and basic needs of nearly 5,000 families and 10,000 individuals every year.

The Future of Foothill Unity Center, Inc.

Our vision is to provide a more comprehensive, “one-stop” experience for the individuals and families, where: all basic needs are met; all get the necessary support to become self-sufficient; and all are treated with love and dignity … all the time.

We moved into our new larger facility in April of 2018. The larger facility provides solutions to the needed warehouse, staff, and program space.  It has increased operational efficiency and improved internal communication. For all these reasons, we are happy that we embarked on our first-ever, capital campaign in 2016 to raise $6 million and purchase our new headquarters. A campaign of this size is perhaps the most significant event in the 39-year history of Foothill Unity Center. To date we have raised $4.1 million of our $6 million dollar goal. Please consider becoming a Phase 2 campaign supporter, by doing so  you will help the Center  finish raising the necessary remaining funds and pay off the building. Consider a one-time gift to the campaign, or choose to make payments over a 3 to 5 year period. Our community is depending upon us to succeed because individuals and families in need cannot afford for us to fail. Together, we know that can we can and will find the way to achieve our vision.