Food Programs

Hunger is a real and serious issue throughout Southern California, but Foothill Unity Center provides hope – alongside nutrition-  through its renown Food Bank Programs.

Family Food Program:   In today’s still-strapped economy, many people reach the end of the month and find there is little money left for food. The Family Food Program is designed for individuals and families who have access to a kitchen or other food preparation/storage area. Each month, seniors, singles and families* receive enough food to supplement their nutritional needs for about ten days (a balanced mix of canned, dry, frozen, refrigerated food, bread, bakery, dairy products, and fresh produce and USDA must-haves). Families then return to one of our centers once a week for additional, perishable foods. Food is distributed at both the Pasadena and main Monrovia locations. If you are in need of help, please contact the center or call us at 626-358-3486 to find out how to participate.

Bag Lunch Program:  Within the San Gabriel Valley, there are many homeless people without access to appropriate food preparation or storage facilities. Our Monrovia site distributes substantial bag lunches three times a week, providing enough food to last for about two days. These lunches, made up of sandwiches, instant soups, snack foods, fresh fruit, drinks, flip-top canned foods, canned meats and sweets, are given to people and families who are homeless or have no place to store or cook food. We also provide toiletry items weekly as available to help with hygiene needs.

Homebound Grocery Delivery:  With the help of volunteer and part-time drivers, Foothill Unity Center makes it a point to reach shut-ins, such as homebound seniors and disabled persons, by delivering groceries to their homes once a month. This has proven to be a welcome source of contact for an otherwise isolated population.

*Those wishing to receive food bank services must requalify annually by showing income at or below 150% of the National Poverty Income Guidelines, plus proof of local residency and identification.