Ralph, also by his nickname, Mr.P, lived in his truck while suffering from a lung disease that left him dependent on his oxygen tank. It was difficult for Mr.P to do his daily tasks without leaving him out of breath or physically exerted.  Porter talks about how he was moved from the hospital to a retirement home but eventually forced back to living in his truck. 

With his type of condition, living in his truck was unsafe and hazardous for his health, especially with the unpredictable weather and environment. 

When he had initially found Foothill Unity Center, he was anxious, skeptical, and uncertain.

But with the help of his caseworker, Gaby, he eventually began to trust the process of receiving the support he needed and let his guard down. After an 8-month process, he has been rehoused to Venice Beach. With a bed to sleep on and a place to keep his oxygen tank nearby and safe, his final words to us were, “A changed attitude will change your altitude.” We hope the new place will help improve his health and wish Mr.P happiness in his new home!