Stories: Melody McNulty

When Baldwin Park police observed an 85-year-old woman sleeping in her car, they reached out to her and learned she’d lost her home within the past year. BPP located a motel in Baldwin Park willing to house her at no cost for two weeks. On a Wednesday, as her stay was ending, Officers Cynthia Espinoza and David Leon brought her to us for immediate assistance. I gave her a motel voucher good through Friday, and one of the officers paid out of pocket to extend the stay through Monday morning. Before checkout time at 11 a.m. Monday, I had found her a room for rent. She moved in at 9:30 a.m. with a senior couple and another client I had previously housed in the home. The couple who own the residence had come to us for assistance a year ago, fearing the loss of their home and hoping to offer rooms for rent. Now all rooms in the lovely, large Monrovia home are filled with seniors,  and the property is no longer at risk. The 85-year-old woman is on a short waiting list for senior apartments while staying in her new home.